Thursday, June 26, 2008

Playing the Field

All the love in the world couldn't keep The Outfield from striking out.

After the little used CD shopping spree one of the discs I picked up was The Outfield - Super Hits. The Outfield were a British power trio that played American Arena Rock with a reggae-less Police approach. It's been fun listening to the old hits, particularly "Since You've Been Gone". I've liked that song ever since I've heard it when the band played it live before recording their second album. The band announced it was a song for their next album and then played it, "Since You've Been Gone" was one of those rare electrifying moments in a show where you know you're hearing the next big smash.

Well, despite a ton of momentum going into their second album and making "Gone" their lead single both the song and new record stiffed. Guess I was wrong about it being their next big smash hit. It seemed after the Play Deep (1985) debut everyone was tired of hearing The Outfield and didn't give Bangin' (1987) a chance. Their career never recovered and The Outfield soon found themselves on the record industry bench. But for one brief shining moment, they were in the starting lineup.

The Outfield "Since You've Been Gone"


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Hey, I had that Play Deep cassette. Used to play it all the time while working at my uncle Allen's beer/gas mart. Of course, I used to also play The Best of Patsy Cline while working there, too. Hey... I like lots of different music.

bmh67wa said...
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Mr. Mike said...

That Play Deep tape was great, I can't say I've had any Patsy Cline but around the same time I did like The Judds. That Love Is Alive every day and morning song was classic.