Sunday, June 15, 2008

Midnight Madness - Father's Day Edition

Don't make him angry, you wouldn't want to see him when he's angry: The Hulk returns to the big screen for another round of Gamma Rays

It's Father's Day!

Chain Reaction - Journey's recent moves (hiring a Filipino singer, making a deal with Wal Mart) have paid off, the band's new disc Revelation is in the Top 5 of the album chart. Their first time in the Top 10 without Steve Perry. Who's Cryin' Now Perry! Sorry, couldn't resist a cheap shot, even to my teenage idol.

Money Talks - AC/DC is planning a similar tactic, their new disc will be a Wal Mart exclusive too. I find that interesting considering Wal Mart has been known to not allow "dirty" versions of media in their stores. I wonder if they'll make AC/DC rerecord a little to create "clean"versions of CDs. "Dirty Deeds...Not Done Here / Dirty Deeds...Not Done Here!"

Cold Played - For some reason, Coldplay singer Chris Martin became huffy over a seemingly simple question about their new album. Martin left mid-question and didn't return until the end of the interview. Isn't this the band with the song that says "let's talk"? What happened to that?

Who Will Save Your Soul - Jewel continues her quest for a new audience, this time trying Country music out.

Hulkamania pt 1 - The new Incredible Hulk movie is out, but for some reason I just couldn't get excited over it. I guess an all CGI Hulk doesn't quite do it for me, I had the same opinion of the Ang Lee Hulk as well. That and Hulk was never one of my fave super heroes anyway (except the Tv show with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, that was great) but I am intrigued by the presence of Edward Norton. Very good word of mouth on this one though.

Hulkamania pt 2 - Hulk Hogan had to go on Larry King Live to defend his son, himself and not discuss his ex-wife dating a 19 year old dude. It's a bummer to see the Hulkster have a hard time, seems like his life is falling apart. Whatcha gonna do, Brother?

Stuck in the Vasoline - Stone Temple Pilots are being sued by Atlantic Records to deliver one more album. These guys can barely make it through their reunion tour in one piece and Atlantic wants an album? I smell desperation. Or in Scott Weiland's case, heroin. Do not bring drug sniffing dogs to an STP meeting, they'll O.D.

Measure of a Man - This happened over a week ago, but after Clay Aiken impregnated a woman via medical science he then went out and attacked a paparazzi for asking what the baby's name will be. Look out world, Aiken's growin' some. And then he'll play a dancing and singing Knight on Broadway. Who's your daddy!

Tim Russert passes away - The respected newsman died this week. I didn't follow his career closely, but when he was reporting he had something many newspeople lack: credibility. He always seemed on top of the story.

Father's Day - I thought I would close with something my Dad would like, so I looked through You Tube to find the perfect Golf shot. This one with Tiger Woods was pretty amazing, I was impressed by it and I don't even like Golf. So here it is, Happy Father's Day, Pop.

Tiger Woods' Amazing Golf Shot


Arsenette said...

Tiger Woods made me appreciate golf. So nice to be alive when he is in his prime. Maybe once a generation if you are lucky do you get to see someone as RIDICULOUSLY gifted of an athlete and thinker as Tiger Woods. Thanks for the clip! (And I don't even follow golf! So glad he wasn't hype!) Happy Father's Day Tiger!

Didn't really like the Eric Bana Hulk movie either. Have no interest in this one. I prefered the campy Lou Ferigno version (ever notice he never broke his pants during the transformation? Is it just women that pay attention that? LMAO)

Anonymous said...

Umm, Steve Perry isn't sorry. His legacy is in tact as well as his bank account.

The sorry thing is Journey debauching it's once world class band status with this mediocre CD and third rate karaoke singer/frontman.

Filipino dude=Ford Escort
Steve Perry=Rolls Royce Phantom

Mr. Mike said...

Hi Arsenette! I don't follow Golf, but I have no doubt he's talented because he's been around awhile now and is just a big a name in media now as when he first came on the scene. And if he does things like in the clip, the respect he gets is deserved. As for the Hulk, he must have those elastic stretchy waist band pants that old guys wear. It gives more room to expand after a hearty meal. Am I giving too much away with that statement?

Hi Anonymous! I agree that Steve Perry isn't sorry and it's no accident that every Journey studio album with Perry sold Platinum or better. Steve Perry is my favorite singer of all time, but I'm glad Journey and Perry are separate now because I felt their chemestry as a band ended after Frontiers. ROR and TBF were great but in both cases felt awkward and lacked the cohesiveness of prior records. They're just no good for each other anymore (creatively, if they did a Van Halen and regrouped for a tour only that would be great). As far as Journey's status goes, I don't think it could have gotten any lower than 2006 (rotating singers and flown in lead vocals) so I view their current status as a rebound. My wife and I once owned a Ford Escort, hopefully Pineda won't fall apart after 30,000 miles (our Escort did). I like the new singer and disc, but understand if others don't. Thanks for posting!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Way to go, Elsie! I always thought about that, too. (the pants). I prefer Lou as well. It just doesn't get any campier than that. Loved watching him in the early Strong Man competitions, too. He was great.

Sorry, never owned a Ford anything. Can't compare them that way. Was never much of a Perry fan when he went solo. I didn't really care for his voice that much without the band to back him up. On his own he just sounds too sreechy to me. (not to offend anyone).

Mr. Mike said...

Hi Some Kinda Wonderful! Lou F. made a great Hulk. As far as the pants thing goes, I never thought about the Hulk but I often wondered about how other super heroes used the bathroom. Like, does Iron Man and Batman have waste bags built in their armor? There isn't a lot of room to move in those suits. And if Superman's muscles are all enhanced, if he had a big dump would it bullet through the toilet and hit the earth's core? Hmmm, such are the mysteries of superherodom.

No offense taken about finding Perry screechy (at least from me). It's all a matter of personal opinion on if his voice sounds good or not. I think Steve Perry said the harshest criticism he received was being compared to a seal being beaten with a baseball bat. That's so harsh it's not even funny. But it was the early 80's, critics didn't have to be as PC as now.

One last thing, my wife pointed out I spelled chemistry wrong. No wonder why I got a C- in High School!