Thursday, June 12, 2008

Livin' The Life

A brief post, you know that commercial that's on all the time for ITunes featuring Coldplay? The one with the band members silhouetted against a purple backdrop and swirling graphics. You know, the one that looks like you may have stared directly into the sun and damaged your eyesight? Yeah, that one! I freakin' love that commercial. And I like the song too, it's Coldplay but with enough tweaks to make it seem fresh. I just found out Brian Eno is involved with Coldplay's new album somehow. Consider me floored. Anyway, here's that song and video I was talking about. "...that was when I ruled the world..." That poignancy brought about by lyrics I can't follow just blows me away. Really awesome.

Coldplay "Vida La Vida" ITunes commercial


Jeannie said...

Really? I had no idea you liked the commercial. Wanna go get the CD? Or do you own it already?

Redskyy said...

I'm impressed with Coldplay's new musical direction. Their first single, Violet Hill set a nice tone, but Viva La Vida looks to be the one to really show things off. It's a great live song.

Mr. Mike said...

Hi Jeannie! Yes, let's go get the CD!

Hi Redskyy! I've been impressed by what I've heard too, I liked their previous disc X&Y but thought they were beginning to run short on ideas until Viva la Vida came out.