Sunday, June 29, 2008

Midnight Madness - McGraw 3:16 Edition

Don't make them get up from this chair! Tag team champions Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will lay the smackdown on their fans anytime anyplace anywhere. And then sing pretty songs about it.

Let the Madness begin! Aha!

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares - The Hell's Kitchen is down to two contestants now, the student chef Christina vs the Catering manager Petrozza. Both come across as mediocre at best meaning whoever wins is going to need a lot of tutelage from Ramsay. No matter who wins, Ramsay loses! Hell indeed.

Harder To Breathe - Fires across the state have made California hazy and ashy. There is now something in the sky we Californians can differentiate smog from. Scary!

Mr. Big taken out by Brundlefly - Straight for Entertainment Weekly news, Chris Noth is leaving Law & Order: Criminal Intent and is being replaced by Jeff Goldblum.

Wino's Return - Amy Winehouse took a break between crack pipes, racist rants and emphysema treatments to give a performance at Nelson Mandela's Birthday Concert that reportedly won people over. She then celebrated by attempting to punch a fan at a following show. I am surprised she doesn't have her own E! reality show by now. Gettin' Mental with Amy has a nice ring to it.

The Velvet Teddy Bear - got married, congrats to Ruuubbeeennn Studdard. I wonder if he got Ryan Seacrest to say that at the ceremony. Ruben, no longer sorry for 2004.

Mini Me, you complete me - There is a sex tape running around of Verne Troyer aka Mini Me from the Austin Powers movies. Who's the real Love Guru now, Mike Myers?

Who is Kate Nash? - I was watching MTV Hits this morning to wake up and this video came on with a British girl singing in a real strong I think Cockney accent to a steady beat. It was hypnotic, I don't have a clue what she was singing about but I didn't want it to stop. Bollocks!

McGraw's last straw- Tim McGraw physically ejected a fan who got out of control at a recent concert. If reports of the drunken fan's actions are true I think McGraw did the right thing, but I'm surprised at how much positive spin this is getting in the media. If violence happens in other Popular music genres the performer is usually grilled for their actions even when they're not directly involved (at the very least the performer gets held responsible by the court of public opinion for the venue's lack of security even if the venue controls it), but in Country music it seems O.K. - I personally think it's the hat. When a person wearing a cowboy hat takes action, it just seems like the right thing to do. Even if the other guy is wearing a hat too.

Heel Turn - Speaking of public grappling, it was a rough week in the WWE. On Raw, Melina fractured her heel taking a bump from the top of the ring post. On Smackdown, Domino gave the ref the "injured" signal after taking a hit to the chest in mid air. See, it's not all fake. The rest of the programs were fake (like the stage collapsing on Mr McMahon) but those two things, not fake.

I'll probably get sick of this song quickly, but until then I'll O.D. on a little Kate Nash and that cool accent. Oy!

Kate Nash "Foundations"


Jeannie said...

Kate Nash does sound a tad cockney, but then again, I don't think it's "East London Ms. Brahms" enough. I can live without the song.

Really- Chris Noth is leaving? Just when I started to watch the show. Aw well.

Mr. Mike said...

Yeah, Kate Nash-I just like the sound of her voice at this moment. It's not that she sounds pleasant, it's just a fun accent to listen to. Kind of like that Bridget Jones movie, but in 3 minutes.

The Chris Noth news is surprising, I guess after the Sex and the City movie maybe he felt he had better things to do.

Frontrow said...

Petrozza and Christina compared to anyone on Top comparison.

Mr. Mike said...

Hi Frontrow! After watching Hell's Kitchen, I thought the talent level of chefs had fallen to high school cafeteria cook status until I saw Top Chef and saw where all the good cooks went. The difference between the two shows blew me away.