Thursday, August 07, 2008

Friday Night Videos: Beer Ad Songs of the 80's

Hey Mr DJ, it's Spuds McKenzie!

I'm going to be out with my wife tomorrow, so I thought I would post my Friday Night Videos a day early. 'Cause I got to have my jams!

Where can you hear classic hits of yesterday next to the current hits of today? In TV Commercials, where people my age have gotten to the point in their careers where our MTV influenced mind blends music and visuals as a knee jerk reaction. The songs I grew up on now sell everything from life insurance to feminine products (The Cranberrie's "Dreams" is the best for feeling allergy free and clear of discomfort). Some songs, like The Cult's "She Sells Sanctuary", have become bigger hits than in their original release thanks to commercials. Apple have become music tastemakers thanks to ads that pushed Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl", Yael Naim's "New Soul" and Feist's "1234" to hit stardom.

Assuming it's people from my age group to blame for this trend, I have to look back to where it all started. 80's beer commercials found star artists re-recording or writing new material to get us all drunk. I think it was ex-alcoholic Eric Clapton that started it, redoing "After Midnight" as a slower paced blues with a memorable synth hook. Genesis followed with a trunicated version of "Tonight Tonight Tonight" that managed to make the song a Top 10 hit. Then Steve Winwood wrote "Don't You Know What The Night Can Do" for a commercial to make sure we knew the night was for drinking. With all these respectable rockers telling us to chug in their nice flashy blazers and smoky diffused lighting rooms that look like Ridley and Tony Scott were the Directors of Photography, who could resist?

So here's a three part Videos and remember, don't drink and drive. Drink responsibly. Or don't drink at all. But do party with Spuds!

Eric Clapton "After Midnight" commercial

Genesis "Tonight Tonight Tonight"

Steve Winwood "Don't You Know What The Night Can Do"

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