Sunday, August 17, 2008

Midnight Madness - Undertaker Edition

Dead Man Walking - The Undertaker returns to his signature match at Summerslam...Hell in a Cell.
The One Where Rachel Gets Dumped Again - I feel bad for Jennifer Aniston, she split with playa soft rocker John Mayer and now everyone thinks she's damaged goods. Not to get all Star magazine, but remember when Aniston and Courtney Cox were all over that dreadlocked Counting Crows guy? What was up with that?

Jerry Wexler passes away - One of the reasons Atlantic Records is a music legend, Wexler was important in signing or developing acts like Aretha Franklin, J. Geils Band, Led Zeppelin and Ray Charles. Modern music wouldn't have been the same without him.

It's Britney, B*tch - Rumors are that Britney Spears may return to the scene of last years crime at the Video Music Awards. I have a feeling she won't perform so she won't crash and burn like last year, it sounds kinda boring.

Lawyers in Love - Long time Democrat Jackson Browne is suing John McCain for using his song "Running on Empty" in a campaign commercial. To which McCain replied "Sir, I knew Glenn Miller and YOU are no Glenn Miller!" He didn't really say that, it's just the best joke I can come up with right now.
It is not time for a Love Revolution - Despite rumors, Lenny Kravitz will not be joining Velvet Revolver. Sorry guys, Lenny can't fake the funk. At the rate they're going, pretty soon they can form a band out of people who didn't want to be in Velvet Revolver. Speaking of which...

More Chinese Democracy rumors - The latest word is the long brewing Axl Rose led Guns N Roses album is again close to release. Though I'm sure it will make money, I still think this disc is more interesting as a mystery than anything that was actually recorded. But I haven't heard the recently leaked tracks so who knows? Oh yeah, people who have heard the leaked tracks.

Private Sessions with Foreigner - Sounds nasty! But seriously, it's a program on A&E that the long running AOR band recorded some songs for. And Daughtry's super duper edition of his debut album is said to include a version of "Feels Like The First Time". Too bad he couldn't do that one on Idol.

Stop Cloning now? - I generally try to stay away from movie reviews of something I might see so I can have an open mind when I view it, but negative reviews of The Clone Wars is all over the media. I'm still going to try to keep an open mind. These aren't the droids I'm looking for. Move Along. Move Along.

Something in the water - Swimmer Michael Phelps set a record for most Gold medals won at an Olympics this week while 41 year old swimmer Dana Torres took a Silver medal. USA! USA! In Hd! In Hd!

Summerslammed - I watched the Summerslam PPV this evening, the WWE put on a good show with strong production values.

  • Jeff Hardy vs MVP - Two young and capable wrestlers have at it. Kind of so-so except for a whiplash belly to belly suplex where Hardy practically lands on his neck. Pretty physical matchup.
  • Mickie James and Kofi Kingston vs Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella - Despite two belts on the line (Womens and Intercontinental) there is a lack of star power on this one. The talent is there but the match lacks oomph. Phoenix and Marella win the belts.
  • Shawn Michaels and his wife vs. Chris Jericho - Following his recent eye injury HBK announces his retirement from wrestling. That is, until Jericho punches Michael's wife in the face! I have a feeling retirement is over.
  • Matt Hardy vs Mark Henry - The match was mostly an excuse to get Jeff Hardy to run out and see the Hardy Boyz take out the Worlds Strongest Man. It's always great to see the Hardys in action.
  • CM Punk vs JBL - A surprisingly good match, the wrestlers come from two different worlds (Punk is a high flyer, JBL is old school ground game). CM Punk and JBL literally knocked heads resulting in a bloodied Punk and a dazed JBL adding an extra edge to a fine match. CM Punk wins to retain the Championship title.
  • The Great Khali vs Triple HHH - Mostly a squash match with Khali squeezing, slapping and hammering Trips six ways til, um, Sunday. Easily Khali's best match because he was working with The Game who knows how to sell and pace a match. Trips wins at the end with a Pedigree to retain the Championship.
  • John Cena vs Batista - The clash of the babyface titans was a solid match with a lot of reversals. Batista wins with two Batista Bombs.
  • Undertaker vs Edge - Hell in a Cell is a match type with a strong legacy tied to the Deadman. Most famous for Taker tossing Mankind off the top of a steel cage into an announce table several feet below, Hell in a Cell is known for big hits and blood. Edge and Undertaker do an excellent job of executing the big bumps by flying through fencing, taking tackles on top of tables and throwing people through the ring itself. A strong match that was very worthwhile.
Ywgnie! - Malmsteen's name came up recently so I thought it would be fun to post my favorite song of his, "Hiroshima Mon Amour" when he was with Alcatrazz.

Alcatrazz - "Hiroshima Mon Amour"


bmh67wa said...

I thought that the Mickie/Kofi vs. Phoenix/Marella match was a handicap match where Beth had to overcome the odds of facing two challengers. She should get both belts. Or choke Santino with his. Shawn Michaels is going all Kurt Angleish by bringing in his wife. Rumors say that she said that Shawn hadn't held up his end of the bargain by staying at home more and only doing main events and PPV so she decided to run with him for awhile. I hope that they don't make her up like a tramp like they have with Angle's wife. Lots of heat on Cena. Seemed like the crowd was going for Batista. Anymore they are both boring but it has helped to put them together on the same show so that they could finally wrestle against each other. I have never really liked Mr. Copeland so seeing The Undertaker smashing Edge was just fine by me but The Undertaker is getting a little old now. Shouldn't he R.I.P. soon before he becomes a skeleton or something? Punk is going to go a long way as long as the fans continue to show support for him. That GTS move of his looks dangerous. If I recall, he broke someone's nose with it already. He may have to modify or change his signature move if he happens to hurt someone really bad.

Jeb said...

Thanks Mike! I haven't heard this song in a long time! Summerslam was good! I agree bmh67wa, Cena was getting some heat. That Hell in A cell was awesome, but what else would you expect?

Jeb said...

Forgot to tell you, Star Wars : TCW is alright. not as bad as people say it is, but still has many flaws. If I were you, I would go see Tropic Thunder!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Man your post makes me feel OLD, Mr. Mike. I haven't watched rasslin' since... oh... the mid 80's, I think. I didn't recognize many of the one's you mentioned, except Undertaker, Edge, Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels.

That Ynwie tune is amazing. He is amazing. He's apparently still touring, you know. I looked up his "official" website the other night after calling him to mind. Of course, no one good ever comes here, so I won't be seeing him anytime soon. :)

Me, I'm glad VR parted ways with that Scott dude. I couldn't stand him. Love the rest of the guys, especially Slash, but that dude just was weird. Didn't fit. Watching their videos was like watching one of those old Sesame Street skits, "One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn't belong...", know what I mean?
Not particularly looking forward to Axl Rose or his CD. It will probably suck, just like he does. He's a jerk. I loved Guns n Roses and he messed it all up with his overblown sense of self.

No like Foreigner, nor Daughtry.
I love Jackson Browne. Even if he is an alleged wife/girlfriend beater. His music is good. I'm glad he's suing that idiot McCain. The way he's always saying "my friends" and blinking his eyes really fast just makes me want to slap him. Hard. Just because. And I'm not a violent person. Normally. :)

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Oh, here's the link to Yngwie's site.


Redskyy said...

Chinese Democracy must be close to release as the track, "Shackler's Revenge" is actually going to debut on the disc of Rock Band 2 coming out in September. I haven't heard it yet, but I'm going to remain skeptical.

As for wrestling, I gave up a couple years ago and haven't really looked back. Although I'm glad to see that there is still some good left in the WWE.

Mr. Mike said...

Hi bmh67wa! I didn't know the background to HBK's wife story, sounds about right though because he was supposed to be on like an Undertaker schedule but instead he worked every show possible. It looked like Jericho didn't pull his punch enough because the wife had a swollen lip after taking the hit. Oh well, it helps get the storyline over anyway. Cena always gets heat unless he's in his hometown, he's sort of like The Rock jr. in that he has a huge fanbase but has a significant amount of people who don't enjoy his predictable wrestling. I like Cena but even I notice he has six moves and does certain patterns over and over (run off the ropes, two handed bulldog then a knuckle shuffle or whatever that "You can't see me" move is). Taker looked wore out after the Hell in the Cell so who knows how much gas he has left in the tank, but I have to say I like the Rated R superstar generally. Jeannie and I were laughing at the end when Taker practically fell over after the 3 count like "I'm done dude". Punk is the most over I've seen a wrestler in a while, hopefully he'll never do that finishing move on Candace Michelle, that was a bummer when Victoria broke her nose.

Hi jeb! I think I'll wait until Star Wars is in a cheaper format to see it, thanks for the tip on Tropic Thunder I've been seeing good press for that one.

Hi some kinda wonderful! If you really want to see time fly by watching wrestling, there's some guy in TNA that does the entire Macho Man gimmick that Randy Savage had. It's been so long since the 80's people can rip off Savage's gimmick in broad daylight. Jackson Browne is not known for having good luck in his love life, I'll leave it at that. Great songwriter though. Thanks for the link to Malmsteen's site! That album cover to Trilogy definitely brings back memories. Is there a better way to fight off a flying dragon than pit Ywgnie Malmsteen against it? I don't think there is!

Hi Redskyy! Thanks for the tip on Rock Band 2, I just made a CD of songs I had from the first game and liked the mix it had (it jumped from Garbage to Iron Maiden to The Outlaws). Summerslam was definitely the WWE putting its best foot forward, though it was good it doesn't come close to touching the Attitude era when there was a sense of electricity in the air - even for no name jobber matches. Back when even the Brooklyn Brawler would have a huge crowd response on his entrance. Those were the days...