Sunday, August 10, 2008

Midnight Madness - John Edwards edition

The poster boy of boring sex scandals, even the mistress is saying the illegitimate baby isn't his.
Calling this post "The John Edwards Edition" may seem like a cheap shot (because it is) and in no way is meant to be for or against Edwards politically, just display my annoyance with this story being flooded on every media outlet imaginable. I guess by posting this I've made myself part of the problem instead of the solution. But I assure you, you cannot beat me up more than I've beaten myself up. Now on with the Midnight Madness!

"Listen Up America" - Comedian Bernie Mac passed away at age 50. I caught his show every once in a while and enjoyed his humor, a sad loss.

Easy Reader Blues - It was a rough week for actor Morgan Freeman (The Dark Knight, Wanted), he had a car accident and divorced his wife. But I bet he narrated the hell out of that accident for the Police report.

What's a Jonas Brother and do I want to know? - There is a full scale assault on the media that insists we all must know about the Jonas Brothers. I have no idea who these teens are, they look like a dark haired Hanson or the kids that take my order at Burger King. And now I feel really old.

The Other Way of Stopping - The Police played their final show at Madison Square Garden wrapping up their reunion with a nice little package. At least they're saying it's over this time instead of the slow fade out they did in the 80's.

I AM the band! - The stereotypical mantra of band leaders everywhere has come true for Andrew Stockdale as the two other members of Wolfmother quit.

Not So Sweet - Ex Sugarland member Kristen Hall is suing her former band mates saying she had a deal that she would continue to get a cut of the Country group's profits made following her departure in 2005. If this turns out to be true all I can say is- Wow, how do I get a deal like that? I wish my jobs would keep paying me after I left, that would rule.

Here Comes the Pain - Former WWE champion Brock Lesnar has migrated to mixed martial arts and recently won a match at an Ultimate Fighting Competition. I don't follow ultimate fighting, but still I'll say Go Brock Go! based on his Pro Wrestling past. I saw Lesnar at a WWE house show once, the man is built like a tank.

Finger Lickin' Good - Before the Olympics began, every media outlet dedicated massive media send reporters to the streets of Beijing to eat fried silkworms and scorpions. What news coverage I've seen has given me more details on people eating fried bugs on a stick than on any Olympic event. I can't name a single Olympian yet I've seen three different reporters eat Seahorses. Priorities people!

Update: Isaac Hayes passes away - The man who gave us some great funk jams and voiced Chef on South Park has passed away.

Making Plans for Nigel - Producer Nigel Lythgoe is leaving American Idol. Another job Ryan Seacrest can take over!

Mini Movie Reviews -

  • Crank - Stars Jason Stratham as a hit man who has ingested a poison that can only be delayed by maintaining a high level of adrenalin. This is just a plot device to excuse Stratham to go off Grand Theft Auto style with random violence, public sex and stolen vehicles. Even the visual style of a map detailing the city and different images scrolling on and off the screen recall GTA. But mission based plot lines are boring if you don't have a controller in your hand. Avoid this if you can.

  • Shoot 'Em Up - Sin City was a really good flick, so good you can make a movie out of it's left overs. High caliber actors Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti and Monica Belluci ramble through this mess of a movie that could only be complimented if I called it "cartoonish". There was one good moment though, I liked where Giamatti says "F*ck me Sideways", a clever reference to his breakthru film.

  • Dan in Real Life - The story of a widowed newspaper columnist raising three daughters and meeting the girl of his dreams at a family reunion has a bit of Lifetime channel written on it but a strong cast and warm direction elevate the material. Steve Carrell proves he can dial down his Idiot Savant act to give a grounded performance. And Juliette Binoche is as flightily enchanting as always (when she plays that type of role, that is). Plus, a bearable version of Dane Cook! Everyone's a winner here, a pleasant movie.
Long Train Runnin' - My wife and I had a fun couple of days in Lake County. We brought some Doobie Brothers Cds to listen to in the car so we could hear "Ukiah" but we managed to bring the wrong disc. I found the song on You Tube, so here's the song for you honey!

Doobie Brothers "Ukiah"


Redskyy said...

It really is a sad day for both Bernie Mac and Isaac's Haye's passing. It is a bit of a coincidence that they finished filming a movie together called Soul Men, coming this November. I haven't heard of it until now, but it may be one of their last works.

I was always indifferent towards Brock Lesnar during his pro-wrestling days, but I'm glad he's moving on to better things.

Jeannie said...

Very shocking about Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes. I hope that neither gentleman suffered in their last moments.

See, I couldn't sing the song and give it any justice. Thanks for the dedication. Love you.

Jeb said...

R.I.P - Bernie Mac

Jeb said...

R.I.P. - Isaac Hayes

Mr. Mike said...

Hi Redskyy, Jeb and Bunny! The passing of two great entertainers is very sad and unexpected. Thanks for the information on the upcoming film Soul Men,Redskyy!

I liked Lesnar during his pro wrestling career, he wasn't my favorite but I thought he was OK. The only thing I didn't like was his final WWE match at Wrestlemania against Goldberg. It was Goldberg's last WWE match also, so they both acted like two guys who didn't want to touch each other and risk getting hurt in their final WWE match.

I love you too Bunny!

Frontrow said...

RIP Mac Man....comic genius he was. always enjoyed the Bernie Mac Show for the comedy as well as the lessons learned. Best line from Ocean's 11, "blackjack! why isn't it called whitejack?"

As for Isaac Hayes, listening to Shaft always made me feel like a bad MF.

Mr. Mike said...

Hi frontrow! I forgot about Mac's line in Oceans 11, that was classic. And Isaac Hayes exuded cool.